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Honda to launch 15 new cars in China, eight tailored for China

Source: Internet Info Agency | Date: Nov. 1

  • According to Seiji Kuraishi, President of Honda Motor (China) Investment Corporation, Ltd., Honda plans to launch 15 new models in China from 2016 to 2018 with eight to be tailor-made for Chinese consumers. In addition, three types of 1.5L turbocharged engines that are especially designed for China will be put into production starting in 2016.

  • Dongfeng Honda will launch the GREIZ in Nov. while GAC Honda will launch the ne Crider within this year. The new Crider will feature a smart system called "Honda CONNECT."

  • In 2016, Honda will launch the new-generation Civic, mid-cycle update of the Accord, Accord hybrid, new-generation Elysion, and a midsize SUV. The new-generation Elysion will first apply the Honda SENSING system.

  • For the first three quarters of 2015, Honda accumulatively sold 694,807 units of locally-produced vehicles in China, representing 34.1% year-on-year increase. GAC Honda sold 420,270 units, up 40.3% from a year earlier while Dongfeng Honda sold 274,537 units, up 25.6% from a year earlier. During this period, Odyssey's sales reached 35,347 units, up 122.2% year-on-year. Both Vezel and XR-V reported monthly sales of10,000 units.