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China reforms government car services

Source: | Date: Nov. 2

  • On Nov. 1, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council announced two policies that are aimed at reforming the use of government cars. The two policies give a timetable and roadmap about the reform.

  • According to the two policies, China aims to spend two to three years completing its reform of government car services, which the government says will be designed to meet basic needs only. The policies also set specific rules about the use of government cars as well as standards of subsidizing business trips by staff members of government bodies.

  • The two policies, which come after the Chinese authorities has cancelled the use of government cars for general purposes, will provide subsidies for staff members of government bodies at lower levels who choose business trips on their own. The monthly subsidies range from RMB 500 per person to RMB 1,300 per person, depending on the administrative ranks that staff members hold in government bodies.

  • The government has made it clear that these subsidies are not a form of benefit or bonus for officials. The policies are in line with the central government's push to curb corruption and soothe public resentment toward lavish government spending that includes huge expenditure on government cars. The government has also promised that it will dispose of cancelled cars through public auctions and relocate drivers and service people who have lost their jobs due to the cancellation of government cars.