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[The Economy of God]-Chapter22-Part11

I wish to take this opportunity to say that we all must try to hide ourselves. We must never put a picture of ourselves in the newspaper. That is not something of the Church, but entirely of the fallen, worldly religion of Christianity. Oh, brothers, if possible, do not allow anyone to advertise your name in the papers. The Lord Jesus never advertised Himself. We read in the four Gospels how He always tried to hide Himself and, if possible, to keep Himself hidden. Beauty and comeliness must be the experience of Christ within our spirit. That is the real beauty before God.

I would take this opportunity to say a further word— about the building of meeting halls. Brothers, if possible, we should have a hall very plain and simple in appearance. Do not build a luxurious and beautiful hall. We cannot attract people to the Lord by beautiful external buildings. I was in Rome once and saw the so-called Peter’s Cathedral. I cannot tell how many millions of dollars the building is worth or how many people are drawn there daily. When I was there it was crowded. But I am afraid that not one person out of a thousand was saved. What is the advantage of drawing people by such means? I would say, if possible, we ought to get rid of this kind of building. It is not a pleasure, but an offense to the Lord.